Highlighting Progress Across the African Continent

Africa; the forgotten, the cast aside, the overlooked. The African continent, which has long been labeled the “last frontier” of economic and social growth and development, has finally come into its own. This belief no longer holds validity. Innovative ideas and transformational projects, conceived by African minds, are creating a “new” African narrative. The Foresight Initiative has been established to frame that "new" narrative.


Imagining a Changed Tomorrow

Two thirds of Africa’s population is under the age of 25. Africa, to say the very least, is in the midst of a youth bulge. The key to ensuring the continent develops in a dynamic and sustainable manner will fall in the hands of its most valuable resource; its youth population. Innovation, primarily in the realm of technology sector has come on the part of young, innovative Africans. However, assistance from international actors will be necessary to ensure that the continent realizes its maximum potential. 


Building a Global Community and Creating a Platform

In order to ensure that conclusive, transformative, dynamic progress occurs across the African continent international actors, citizens and organizations alike, must initiate a dialogue regarding the future of the African continent. We must collectively find ways in which we can aim our talents towards the African development process, realizing that our efforts will strengthen the global community and create a changed tomorrow.