What Is Foresight?

The Foresight Initiative. It is more than a webpage, more than a journal, more than an initiative. Foresight is a platform, highlighting inclusive development processes occurring across the African continent while additionally creating a digital forum where development-conscious individuals can converse, connect, and contribute to the African development agenda. Our goal is to initiate a dialogue regarding individual efforts citizens – the world over – can take to contribute to the development of the African continent and her people. Join us - think with foresight and imagine a changed tomorrow.

Though we are starting small we firmly believe that our digital platform will evolve into a holistic enterprise that will dedicate itself to the advancement of inclusive and innovative development processes across the African continent. Over the course of the next year, we hope that Foresight: The Initiative’s Journal will be in print, followed by the organization of a series of virtual and face-to-face forums that will highlight the initiative’s vision and connect development-conscious individuals that are dedicated to the progress of the African continent. Support us, Join us, Follow us, Like us – do whatever it takes – become a part of our community and begin to think with foresight