Deonta D. Wortham


Deonta's passion for the African continent and its development has evolved over a lifetime.  He sees the current era as a pivotal moment where the international community must collaboratively act to advance the development of the African continent and its greatest resource - its people. In 2014 as a result of this belief, Deonta established The Foresight Initiative as a digital medium of exchange where like-minded individuals can learn, contribute, and engage in the ever-evolving development processes occurring across the African continent. Deonta is a graduate of Manhattan College where he actively pursued research on economic, societal, and technological development processes across the African continent and is currently committed to strengthening economic vitality in microeconomies across the United States. 


Danielle Taylor


The focus of Danielle's research has been the political and economic development of Sub-Saharan Africa and the role that women play in the development process. This concentration has led Danielle to work and study in Senegal, study at the Wilberforce Institute in the United Kingdom and work with African refugee communities at the International Rescue Committee in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, Danielle is working on a project to mobilize world faiths for the advancement of human rights of women and girls in Africa. Danielle holds a Masters of International Policy from the University of Georgia.

Ambar Johnson 

Ambar is a passionate advocate for sustainable living in urban areas. She is committed to engaging community members and government officials in comprehensive conversations regarding affordability and sustainable development practices in urban centers throughout the international community. Ambar received a B.S. in History, Society, & Technology from the Georgia Institute of Technology and currently conducts research on the experiences of marginalized urban communities in the context of place and civic space.