"Insights": iHub, Inside Kenya's Tech Innovation incubator

Design Indaba has highlighted iHub “Kenya’s Tech Innovation Hub,” an innovation incubator in Nairobi that is assisting in the development of 152 emerging tech start-ups in the Kenyan capital.

Image Credit: ihub.co.ke

Image Credit: ihub.co.ke

In five years iHub has connected a variety of these firms with international investors, implemented a cross-sectional educational program that has introduced the scope of tech related jobs to young students across the Nairobi metropolitan area, and has been directly involved in the employment of 1,265 jobs!

The monumental growth of iHub’s efforts illustrates the progress – specifically in technology related industries – capable of being replicated across the African continent.

Africa is on the precipice of rapid economic development expansion. Ensuring that viable firms have the capacity grow, and are assisted, and supported, by innovation entities such as iHub will play a pivotal role in realization of a dynamic trans-continental African economy capable of competing on the international economic stage. 

Explore more of iHub's work by venturing over to ihub.co.ke, it certainly will not dissappoint!