A Letter From the Editor

Foresight. What does that word mean? To some it is an abstract ideal of what tomorrow could be. A constant preparation for what will come, a seamless desire to undertake work in the present while reaping rewards in the future. Foresight is the construction of a vision, a concerted effort dedicated to the realization of a changed tomorrow.

Over the course of the last year I have developed a hobby. It just happened to be development, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Studying, analyzing, and deciphering the ongoing development process of the African continent seemed to amuse me. The thought of change was exciting, involvement though seemed distant. Something that someone else, who probably was both older and wiser than I, was capable of doing; certainly not me. Three months ago that changed. I realized that I could be an actor in the creation of a new African narrative. I realized that I could be force of change, an assistant in the deliverance of a changed tomorrow.

Throughout the last year I have become enamored with the innovative concepts that are being developed by young, innovative minds across the African continent. But while I found myself hypnotized by the development work occurring across the African continent, the same could not be said in regards to the general population. It is time that this fact changed; simply put, the progress of the African continent will soon be of international concern. Our collective existence, in our increasingly complex and intertwined world, will need the active participation of an African continent that is ripe with innovative minds and fully integrated into the international community.

Assisting in this transition is the purpose of The Foresight Initiative. Our vision is simple: Foresight desires to highlight the developmental strides occurring across the African continent while connecting development-conscious individuals that yearn to assist in the African developmental process. Join us as we begin an exciting journey guided by foresight toward a changed tomorrow.


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