"The Weekend Read": Design Indaba & "Why Africa is Now"

                                                           By: Deonta Wortham 

Today's Weekend Read is a bit more visual than literary, but nevertheless it provides vital information regarding a facet of African development that is often overlooked.

This "facet" is one that typifies life in so-called "advanced economies" and underscores the notion of consumerism. This is the design world. In some nations it contributes as much as 3% of GDP, and across the globe it provides a clear visual example to how, what, and who enables the aesthetics of the national persona.

In Africa, the designindustry has primarily been cast aside not due to the perceived ignorance of the international community, we have all seen beautiful African mask-in fact I have three in my bedroom, but rather because necessary capital needed to grow this industry has been invisible, or simply hard to attain.

However this is changing, and social actors in the form of African creatives,(designers) - committed to developing the African design industry are ensuring that both proven and rising artisans are able to present their work to a large audienc. Design Indaba, is an online magazine that serves this very purpose. 

Image Credit: Design Indaba 

Image Credit: Design Indaba 

Design Indaba  showcases intuitive and forward thinking designers, from fashions designers to architects, that are using their creations to transform the African narrative. 

The highlight of Design Indaba's efforts is the annual Design Indaba Expo, which was held in Cape Town this past February. More than 35,000 people visited the expo and saw the amazing work that is being accomplished by creatives across the African continent.

Amidst the events taking place at the Expo Design Indaba had the oppurtunity to sit down with some of Africa's brightest creatives and get their take on the design landscape across the continent. They entitled this video "Why Africa is Now,"a part of an ongoing project "Africa is Now" that hopes to realign the international community's understanding of the African continent. Here is "Why Africa is Now" 

You can visit Design Indaba at designindaba.com.