"The Midweek Read": The Intersection of Music and Development

By: Deonta Wortham

To say that the importance of “creatives” in the development of a society is crucial would be a dire understatement.

Likewise, to suggest that their presence would add nothing of intrinsic value to the fabric of a national entity would be a misleading fault only to be retorted by the nature of one’s own artistic interest.

In this light, the medium of music – and the artists that continually prefect and transform this highly lucid craft – should be thought of not only as a forms of entertainment, but additionally as  direct contributors in the formation of a society’s developmental narrative.

Whether their notes rise unto the air like the mountains that transfix their national terrain, or if tremble in their voice imitates that of summer storm crawling over the field on a barren valley, the musician's contributions are both liberating and thought-provoking.  

Image Credit: gashamusic.com

Image Credit: gashamusic.com

The work of Gasha, a Cameroonian artist, is an extraordinary example of the reach of music's role in the formation on the "developmental narrative."

In a track entitled "Faya di Burn" she delves into the myriad of social complexities that  plague her native Cameroon. With a voice that glides over the melodic existence of gentle guitar plucks and tepid piano keys she is able to detail the nature of Cameroon’s intense struggle for progress in a manner that both hypnotizes and comforts the listener.

In enjoying her angelic voice, and bobbing with the track's comforting R&Bish melody, the listener finds themselves digesting EVERY. SINGLE. LYRIC.

“Fiya di Burn, FIYA DI BURNNN”!!!

The listener becomes aware of the nature of the struggle in which the artist illustrates in her comforting, yet apprehensive tone.

Questions then permeate the mind of the listener.  Why, is this considered the “norm”? “How can this be changed”? “What can I do”?

This final action, where the listener is preempted to act, illustrates the bare essence of the musical creative’s place in societal development. It is at the crux of immediacy and unease that the listener is transformed from being a bystander to an active participant. At this moment change takes root. 

Foresight has made an effort to address, and advance, the notion of “total development.”Development, which seeps into conscious of a nation, and touches every mind within its reach. In this regard, the efforts of the musical creative both broadens the reach of the developmental narrative, by captivating individuals that would otherwise deter, or ignore the importance of progressive change, and forwards the notion of societal development in an all-encompassing form.

The medium of music does all this while still ensuring that we are left with masterful works that are not only pleasing to our ears, but moving to our hearts - and that alone is something worthy of commendation.