Insights: Architecture Shapes Culture, Culture Spurs Change

By: Deonta D. Wortham 

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We all know the feeling of admiring the beauty of a brilliant piece of architecture. Whether it is found on the island of Manhattan, the streets of Cape Town, or the arid regions Mali, there is universal appreciation for that which shapes the cities, towns, and squares that populate the regions that we consider home.

A new proposition, though, is forming on the African continent where architecture is revealing itself to be more than an “object of the gaze.” Across Sub-Saharan Africa architecture is being viewed as a medium of social change. An instrument of transformation. An assistant in the realization of engaged communities that encourage both societal and personal growth.

In a thought- provoking discussion South African architect Heinrich Wolff discusses this very topic. Wolff delves into the complexities of how structures can reinvent communities - spurring periods of growth and economic transformation.

Take a moment, and treat yourself to an intense thirty-two minutes of pure intrigue that will certainly be worth your while!